The Ultimate Guide to Chicago Bulls Jersey History

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Get ready to dive deep into the world of the Chicago Bulls jerseys! From the classic red, black, and white color schemes to that iconic bull logo, these jerseys aren’t just threads, they’re symbols of basketball royalty.

In this ultimate guide, we’re gonna take you on a journey through the Chicago Bulls jersey history, and trust me, it’s a wild ride. You’ll see how these uniforms have evolved with the times, reflecting the team’s ups and downs, their triumphs, and the legends who wore them like a badge of honor.

Whether you’re a die-hard Bulls fan or just love basketball fashion, this guide will give you a whole new appreciation for the jerseys that have graced hardwood.

Buckle up and let’s dive into the stories behind the designs, the cultural impact, and the unforgettable moments that have made these jerseys iconic.

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1966-69 Chicago Bulls Jersey

Back in the late 1960s, when the Chicago Bulls were just getting started in the NBA, their jerseys were pretty iconic for the time. From 1966 to 1969, the Bulls rocked home and away uniforms made by Rawlings, a big name in sports gear back then.

The Bulls joined the NBA in 1966, so those first few seasons from ’66 to ’69 were all about getting established. New teams always have an uphill battle – putting together a solid roster, growing their fanbase, and getting competitive. But the early Bulls squads, led by guys like Bob Love and Jerry Sloan, quickly made a name for themselves with their talent and tenacity.

The red and white designs embodied that old-school 60s vibe and showed off the Bulls’ fresh branding as an expansion team just finding their footing.

1969-73 Chicago Bulls Jersey

1969-73 Chicago Bulls Jersey

Back then, the jersey design was simple but fresh – the home whites just had “BULLS” printed boldly in red block letters across the front. The road reds kept it clean with “CHICAGO” in a white font outlined in black, both with that vintage shadowed look.

Instead of throwing their numbers up front, players just rocked big digits on the back of the jersey. And you wouldn’t see the iconic NBA logo anywhere, since it wasn’t added to unis until way later.

These OG Bulls kits were made from a wool blend material that was standard for basketball back in the day. And the no-frills design stayed consistent through those four seasons in the league from 1969 to 1973.

While they may look bare-bones compared to today’s wildstyle’d out jerseys, those simple red-and-white threads were all about representing the Bulls’ fresh identity as an expansion squad just finding their feet in the NBA.

1973-76 Chicago Bulls Jersey

1973-76 Chicago Bulls Jersey

In the mid-70s, the Bulls were rocking some seriously unique jersey swag that was a major glow-up from their original looks.

The home whites had that classic red font with “Bulls” going big and bold. The road reds flipping the script with black fonts and white outliner. Across the front it said “Chicago” in handwriting.

These early Bulls kits were crazy simple compared to their looks today. But that bright red-and-white combo just oozed old school swagger, it allowed the bold branding to really pop in a clean, gritty way.

1976-85 Chicago Bulls Jersey

1976-85 Chicago Bulls Jersey

During the late 70s and into the mid-80s, the Bulls kept it classic with their iconic red, black and white color scheme on the jersey designs. The home whites usually had that slick “Bulls” script across the front with the player’s number underneath. Then on the back, you’d see their name and another big number.

But the real gamechanger came in 1984 when a young rookie named Michael Jordan got drafted by Chicago with the 3rd overall pick. His arrival kicked off one of the most legendary eras not just for the Bulls, but the entire NBA.

From day one of his rookie season, MJ was already putting on a show and doing things never seen before on a basketball court. His athleticism, skills and competitive fire were just off the charts. Jordan’s amazing playmaking and high-flying acts earned him that year’s Rookie of the Year award.

But that was just the start – MJ’s impact resonated far beyond Chicago. He straight up revolutionized the game itself and skyrocketed the NBA’s popularity to worldwide levels. Jordan’s arrival marked a wildly influential new era in basketball that literally nobody saw coming as a skinny rookie.

1985-89 Chicago Bulls Jersey

1985-89 Chicago Bulls Jersey

Those classic Chicago Bulls jerseys from 1985 to 1989 are iconic! They were worn during an epic time when Michael Jordan was just starting out and becoming a true superstar. Along with Jordan, legendary players like Scottie Pippen, Bill Cartwright, Artis Gilmore, and George Gervin rocked those jerseys.

The red, white, and black jerseys had the classic font of BULLS on the front and the player’s name and number on the back. Made of breathable mesh material, they were designed for players to feel comfortable while balling out on the court.

Those 1985-89 Bulls jerseys weren’t just game-day uniforms. They were symbols of an era when Michael Jordan was taking over the NBA and the Bulls were becoming a force to be reckoned with.

1989-97 Chicago Bulls Jersey

1989-97 Chicago Bulls Jersey
1989-97 Chicago Bulls Jersey Alternate

Those Bulls jerseys from 1989 to 1997 are legendary! That’s when the Bulls were an unstoppable force, winning six NBA championships in eight seasons with superstars like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman rocking those iconic red and black uniforms made by Champion.

The 1989-90 season kicked off an epic nine-year run where the Bulls went from contenders to absolute dominators. In 1991, they won their first championship, taking home chips in ’91, ’92, and ’93. Jordan was unstoppable, Pippen was a monster two-way player, and the whole squad was just demolishing teams.

After MJ briefly retired in 1993, he made a heroic comeback in 1995. That year, the Bulls added the rebounding machine Dennis Rodman, and the team was back to their championship ways with another three-peat from 1996 to 1998.

Those Bulls squads did things that still seem unreal today. In 1995-96, they won a record 72 games in the regular season. The next year, they had an insane 18-game winning streak. Championships, records, highlights – it was just one legendary moment after another with Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, and that iconic Bulls jersey leading the way.

The Bulls’ dynasty from 1989 to 1997 wasn’t just about dominating the NBA, though. It was a global phenomenon that helped basketball go worldwide. Players from other countries like Australia’s Luc Longley joined the squad and won rings. The Bulls showed the world how electrifying pro basketball could be.

So whenever you see those classic red and black Bulls jerseys from the late 80s and 90s, you know they represent one of the greatest championship dynasties and most iconic eras in sports history. An era when MJ, Pippen, Rodman and the Bulls straight up ruled the NBA hardwood.

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1997-04 Chicago Bulls Jersey

1997-04 Chicago Bulls Jersey
1997-04 Chicago Bulls Jersey Alternate

After their mind-blowing 90s dynasty, the Bulls entered a new chapter from 1997 to 2004 – rocking fresh jerseys made by Nike instead of their old Championship era Champion unis.

These Nike threads were worn by legends like MJ himself in his final Bulls season, as well as rising stars like Elton Brand, Dennis Rodman’s last stint, and even that guy Ron Artest before he became Metta World Peace.

While the 90s Bulls will always be iconic champions, this 1997-2004 era was all about transition. With Jordan’s second retirement in 1998, the team had to start rebuilding after years of total dominance. The jersey change from Champion to Nike kind of symbolized that shift to a new identity.

But even as the Bulls were no longer unstoppable champs, they stayed super protective of their brand. The team made sure to trademark everything from their famous bull head logo to the phrases “Windy City Bulls” and “Chicago Bulls” for merch like clothes, jewelry, and accessories. Gotta keep that legacy alive, right?

So while the 1997-2004 Bulls may not have been championship squads, those Nike jerseys represent an important rebuilding transition. The Bulls were drafting new young talents, making playoff runs again, and working to keep their iconic brand thriving even after the MJ-era Dynasty ended.

2004-06 Chicago Bulls Jersey

2004-06 Chicago Bulls Jerseys
2004-06 Chicago Bulls Jersey alternate and classic

In the mid-2000s from 2004 to 2006, the Bulls were rocking fresh jerseys made by Reebok as the team continued reshaping its identity after the championship glory days.

For the 2004-05 season, the Reebok collection had the Bulls sporting home, away, and alternate uniform designs. The Bulls were getting creative with their branding and style, keeping up with the changing fashion in the NBA.

Then in 2005-06, the Bulls paid tribute to their legendary past by bringing back a classic throwback jersey design. Unfortunately, while it was cool to see a retro vibe, that particular classic jersey didn’t seem to totally wow people. Maybe fans preferred the Bulls’ standard home and away looks better.

Even if those Reebok years weren’t filled with championship parades, the different jersey styles represented the Bulls embracing their rich history while also modernizing their brand identity. The team wanted to keep evolving their image and presence in the league after that unstoppable 90s run.

2006-17 Chicago Bulls Jersey

2006-17 Chicago Bulls Jersey
2006-17 Chicago Bulls Jersey Alternate

For over a decade from 2006 to 2017, the Bulls sported fresh adidas threads that became a major part of the team’s modern look and identity. Superstars like Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, Dwyane Wade and so many others rocked these adidas unis during some unforgettable seasons.

The away jerseys from those years were real head-turners. They stayed true to the Bulls’ iconic red, white and black colors but had a bold, eye-catching design that made them pop. The alternate jerseys were fire too – a sleek spin on the classic Bulls style that fans went crazy for.

These adidas looks weren’t just gamewear though. They basically turned into a visual timeline, capturing the vibe and style trends of the NBA during that whole era. Introducing those modern designs marked a new chapter for the Bulls post-MJ.

Speaking of new chapters, this Adidas stretch came during a major transition period for the franchise. They were no longer the unstoppable champs of the 90s, but the Baby Bulls started making some noise led by young studs like D-Rose.

His 2011 MVP season was WILD, with those slick adidas unis becoming a symbol of the team’s gritty, defensive-minded identity under Coach Thibs. The squad started contending again, even making a run to the 2011 Eastern Conference Finals before Rose’s devastating injuries.

While they never quite reached the peak of their 90s glory, those Adidas years represented the Bulls’ journey to regain their footing and build a new contender.

Whenever you see those classic adidas Bulls kits from the Rose/Butler era, it’s a reminder of the franchise valiantly clawing its way back towards championship glory.

2017-18 Chicago Bulls Jersey

2017-18 Chicago Bulls Jersey
2017-18 Chicago Bulls Jersey City

For the 2017-18 NBA season, the Bulls debuted fresh new Nike jersey designs to kick off the apparel brand’s partnership with the league. This new era of Bulls unis featured some slick alternate looks beyond just the classic home and away sets.

The jersey that really stole the show that year was the City edition. With its nods to the Chicago flag and city’s culture, the City jersey was a creative way for Nike to connect the Bulls’ iconic identity to their hometown.

Each of the new Nike alternates – the Icon, Association, Statement, etc. – put a modern spin on the Bulls’ legendary red, white and black color scheme. Nike wanted to balance the team’s storied legacy with some fresh, performance-driven aesthetics for the current squad.

The whole Nike makeover symbolized a new chapter for the rebuilding Bulls post-Butler and Rose. With rising youngsters like Markkanen, Kris Dunn and Zach LaVine now taking the reins, the jerseys reflected the franchise’s focus on developing the next generation of stars.

While the 2017-18 season was still a struggle with just 27 wins, those Nike fits gave fans a glimpse of an exciting future. The classic Bulls style evolved alongside young talent.

2018-19 Chicago Bulls Jersey

2018-19 Chicago Bulls Jerseys
2018-19 Chicago Bulls Jersey

For the 2018-19 NBA season, Nike hooked the Bulls up with another fresh City edition jersey as part of their ongoing mission to rep Chicago’s culture through the team’s uniforms. For the iconic Bulls franchise, their City fits paid tribute to Chicago’s rich history and landmarks in an authentic way.

But those City jerseys were just one part of the Bulls’ overall Nike jersey collection that year. They also sported the classic Association white, the signature Icon red, and the modern Statement black looks as part of Nike’s new uniform system for all NBA teams.

The 2018-19 season itself was kind of a roller coaster for the rebuilding Bulls. They fired head coach Fred Hoiberg midway through and went through some major growing pains. But they also had some epic moments, like dropping a franchise-record 168 points in a quadruple OT marathon against the Hawks!

While their 22-60 record was pretty rough, the young core of LaVine, Markkanen, rookie Wendell Carter Jr. and others showed flashes of potential. Those City alternates represented the Bulls embracing their storied legacy as they developed the next generation of stars.

2019-20 Chicago Bulls Jersey

2019-20 Chicago Bulls Jersey
2019-20 Chicago Bulls Jersey city

For the 2019-20 NBA season, the Bulls’ fresh City edition jerseys turned heads with their unique light blue color way. Nike was getting creative with these City alternates, having each team rep something special about their hometown through the designs.

The Bulls’ baby blue City look was a cool modern spin, featuring that iconic bull head logo front and center. While not your traditional Chicago colors, the blue vibe gave these alternates a fresh, distinctive identity.

Unfortunately, that 2019-20 campaign on the court didn’t go as smoothly. The young Bulls core of Zach LaVine, Lauri Markkanen and Wendell Carter Jr. battled through injuries and inconsistency en route to a rough 22-43 record when the season abruptly shut down due to COVID-19.

The struggles that season led to a major organizational shakeup. Out went head coach Jim Boylen as the Bulls cleaned house, hiring new lead executive Arturas Karnisovas and sharpshooter Billy Donovan as head coach to steer the rebuild in a new direction.

2020-21 Chicago Bulls Jersey

2020-21 Chicago Bulls Jersey
2020-21 Chicago Bulls Jersey city

For the 2020-21 season, the Bulls paid tribute to Chicago’s iconic skyline and architectural style with their fresh City edition jerseys. These slick navy blue alternates featured a pinstriped pattern meant to evoke the city’s Art Deco vibes and distinctive high-rise buildings. A cool way to rep their hometown roots through the uniform design!

That season was all about transition and taking steps forward for the rebuilding Bulls. They hired a new head coach in Billy Donovan and a new executive VP in Arturas Karnisovas to steer the franchise in a new direction. On the court, the young core of Zach LaVine, Coby White and others started putting it together.

The addition of veteran All-Star Nikola Vucevic at the trade deadline was also huge, giving the squad some experienced talent to blend with the up-and-comers. While their 31-41 record still wasn’t playoff-worthy, you could see the potential and improved competitiveness under the new leadership.

LaVine in particular emerged as a full-blown star, averaging over 27 points per game and making his first All-Star team in those fresh architectural-inspired City unis. His growth, along with the arrival of Vooch and Coach Donovan’s defensive principles taking hold, signaled the Bulls were headed in the right direction.

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2021-22 Chicago Bulls Jersey

2021-22 Chicago Bulls Jerseys
2021-22 Chicago Bulls Jersey city

For the 2021-22 NBA season, the Bulls broke out some fresh City edition jerseys with a classic red base to commemorate the league’s 75th anniversary. These slick alternates paid homage to the franchise’s iconic look and storied history.

The jersey design blended vintage vibes like the famous Chicago script across the front with modern touches like pinstriped shorts. Little details like the black and white accents on the numbering and Nike logo made these 75th anniversary units a perfect throwback nod while keeping that signature Bulls style.

On the court, the 2021-22 campaign was a long-awaited breakthrough for the Bulls. They finally ended their 5-year playoff drought behind a revamped roster featuring new additions like DeMar DeRozan and Lonzo Ball alongside rising star Zach LaVine.

While they couldn’t get past Giannis and the Bucks in the first round, just making the playoffs and being competitive again was huge progress. Under new head coach Billy Donovan, this was a Bulls squad regaining their defensive grit and playing with a swagger reminiscent of their championship heritage.

2022-23 Chicago Bulls Jersey

2022-23 Chicago Bulls Jersey
2022-23 Chicago Bulls Jersey City

For the 2022-23 season, the Bulls paid tribute to their hometown roots with some sleek City edition jerseys inspired by the iconic Chicago Municipal “Y” symbol. These clean white alternates had subtle design nods to the three branches of the Chicago River coming together.

Little details like the 10 red lines on the sides representing the players united on the court, and the deeper rust-colored red accents nodding to the city’s bridges made these unis a cool celebration of that inherent bond between the Bulls and Chicago’s architecture.

On the court, the 2022-23 Bulls were looking to build off the previous year’s return to the playoffs but ultimately came up a little short with a 40-42 record. Still, they scrapped their way into the play-in tournament before being edged out by the Heat.

The season was a grind with injuries to key guys like Lonzo Ball limiting the team’s potential. But Zach LaVine, DeMar DeRozan and big man Nikola Vucevic kept the Bulls competitive and in the hunt all year long.

While the early playoff exit was disappointing, the 2022-23 campaign provided more valuable experience for the core to grow together.

2023-24 Chicago Bulls Jersey

2023-24 Chicago Bulls Jerseys
2023-24 Chicago Bulls Jersey

For the upcoming 2023-24 NBA season, the Bulls are going way back in time with their fresh City Edition alternates. These special jerseys are designed to pay homage to the legendary Chicago Stadium, which was the Bulls’ original home court from 1967 until it closed in 1994.

That massive arena opened in 1929 and was considered the world’s largest indoor venue at the time. With its unique architecture featuring those massive steel trusses spanning over 260 feet, Chicago Stadium gave fans an unreal up-close experience no matter where they sat.

Visiting teams would get “dizzy” looking up at the steep double-decked seating bowls stacked right on top of each other. But for Bulls fans, those dizzying sights added to the electric atmosphere, especially during those iconic 1991-93 three-peat championship seasons against the Trail Blazers, Suns and Bucks.

To capture the essence of that original Chicago Stadium vibe, the 2023-24 City unis are loaded with meaningful nods to the arena’s groundbreaking design and unforgettable aura. From the colors and patterns, to the fonts and materials used, these alternates are crafted to make fans feel like they’ve traveled back to the raucous Bulls’ glory days dominating on their famous home hardwood.

So while the United Center has been the team’s modern home for decades now, the 2023-24 City Edition celebrates the Bulls’ true nostalgic roots back at the legendary Chicago Stadium. Rockin’ these jerseys, the current squad is tapping into over 60 years of hardcourt history and aiming to create new iconic memories. The Chicago Stadium’s spirit lives on.

Special Jerseys

St. Patrick’s Day Jersey

The Bulls have been rocking special green St. Paddy’s Day jerseys for years to celebrate the Irish holiday. From 2006 to 2017, they dropped new green uniform designs almost every couple of seasons.

It all started with some slick Adidas joints from 2006-2013 that stars like Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, Brad Miller, and Carlos Boozer got to rep on court. Then Adidas hooked them up with a new green look for 2013-15 and kept the tradition going strong with another design from 2015-17.

While some fans dug the holiday jerseys more than others, they were all about the Bulls celebrating their Chicago roots and Irish heritage. These special uniforms added a fun, cultural twist to the team’s iconic jersey history over the years.


2006-13 Chicago Bulls Jersey St. Patrick's Day


2013-15 Chicago Bulls Jersey St. Patrick's Day


2015-17 Chicago Bulls Jersey St. Patrick's Day

2008-09 Go Green Jersey

In 2008-2009, the Bulls hopped on board the NBA’s eco-friendly wave with their special “Go Green” jersey. Adidas cooked up this unique uniform design as part of the league’s push to promote environmental awareness that season.

2008-09 Chicago Bulls Jersey go green

Latin Nights Jersey

For almost a decade from 2009-2017, the Bulls celebrated the NBA’s “Noches Éne•Bé•A” Latin Nights by rocking special edition culturally inspired jerseys. These unique Adidas-designed units paid tribute to Latin American heritage.

The Latin Nights editions allowed the Bulls to represent diversity and inclusivity through their game uniforms over almost a decade of NBA seasons. A cool tradition of marrying basketball and cultural celebration.


2008-09 Chicago Bulls Jersey Latin Nights


2009-13 Chicago Bulls Jersey Latin Nights


2013-14 Chicago Bulls Jersey Latin Nights


2014-17 Chicago Bulls Jersey Latin Nights

Christmas Jersey

These special Christmas jerseys have become an annual tradition not just for the Bulls, but the entire NBA. It’s a fun way for the league to tap into the holiday spirit and give fans some limited-edition collectible fire.

Each year’s Christmas design gives the Bulls a unique jersey to mark that season. It adds another chapter of festive flair to their iconic uniform legacy.


2012-13 Chicago Bulls Christmas Jersey


2013-14 Chicago Bulls Christmas Jersey


2014-15 Chicago Bulls Christmas Jersey


2015-16 Chicago Bulls Christmas Jersey


2016-17 Chicago Bulls Christmas Jersey

2012-13 Hardwood Classics Jersey

In the 2012-2013 season, the Bulls paid tribute to their storied past with a slick Hardwood Classics throwback jersey made by Adidas. The jersey stands out as a fan-favorite for perfectly capturing the Bulls’ rich legacy through some fresh retro threads.

2012-13 Chicago Bulls Hardwood Classics Jersey

2015-17 Pride Jersey

These Pride edition uniforms were part of a broader trend for the Bulls in the mid-2010s of releasing special, themed jersey designs beyond their standard home and road looks.

The Pride edition was part of the NBA’s efforts around that time to promote LGBTQ+ inclusivity and representation through specialized team merchandise and apparel.

2015-17 Chicago Bulls Pride Jersey

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