The Ultimate Guide to Brooklyn Nets Jersey History

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The Brooklyn Nets have had some pretty cool jerseys over the years! While the roster changes over time, the jersey designs give each era of Nets basketball its own special look and feel.

From Julius Erving all the way up to Kevin Durant, the uniforms help tie together the rich Brooklyn Nets jersey history.

We’re talking about jerseys that represent different eras, from the red, white and blue of the ABA days, to the tie-dye vibes of the early 90s, to the Jason Kidd era black jerseys with “New Jersey” across the front.

The Nets’ threads mirror the franchise’s journey. The jersey designs reflect the team’s different homes, superstars, and styles of play. Way more than just clothes, they tell a story.

So come take a jersey journey with us across the decades. We’ll connect the dots from Dr. J reppin’ the Americans ABA unis, to today’s Brooklyn statement black and white jerseys. Step into Brooklyn Nets jersey history through these shirts off their backs.

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1967-68 New York Americans Jersey

The 1967-1968 season was big for the Brooklyn Nets, who were called the New York Americans back then. They had just joined this new basketball league called the ABA, which had a more exciting style than the older NBA.

The Nets’ jerseys from that first season looked pretty simple – the Rawlings home jerseys were basic white with some blue and red stripes. But they were classic 60s designs and really stood out next to the crazier, ad-covered jerseys that came later.

As a brand new team, the Nets were still figuring out their identity. But they quickly became known for fast, high-energy basketball – the typical ABA style. Those first couple years set the tone for the Nets to keep innovating and making an impact as they changed cities and leagues down the road.

1968-1972 New York Nets Jersey

1968-72 New York Nets Jersey

The team moved to Long Island in 1969 and became the New York Nets. Between 1968 and 1972, the New York Nets wore some pretty iconic jerseys. The Nets wore bold away jerseys that stood out on the court. Over the next few years leading up to 1972, the home jerseys followed a similar vibe – basic but bold designs crafted by Rawlings that just screamed “classic ABA.”

Those early Nets jerseys are a huge part of the franchise’s beginnings. Ditching the more complicated looks that came later, they kept things simple and let the basketball do the talking. When people think about the team’s roots, those Rawlings jerseys definitely come to mind!

1972-1976 New York Nets Jersey

1972-76 New York Nets Jersey

The early years were tough for the New York Nets, but things changed when they signed Julius “Dr. J” Erving in 1973. With Dr. J leading the way, the Nets turned it around and won ABA Championships in 1974 and 1976.

The Nets also debuted a bold new jersey design during this period from 1972-1976. It featured an all-white base with red and blue accents similar to the American flag. This fresh look was a big change from their previous jerseys and became one of the most iconic uniforms in Nets history.

Dr. J took the team to new heights on the court, while the red, white, and blue jerseys gave them a star-spangled new look to match. Those patriotic Nets jerseys still stand out today.

1976-1981 New Jersey Nets Jersey

1976-81 New Jersey Nets Jersey

The Brooklyn Nets went through some big changes from 1976-1981 when they were still the New Jersey Nets.

In those years, the home jerseys were made by Medalist Sand-Knit. Stars like Bernard King, Bob Love, and Tiny Archibald wore those classic threads. The jerseys were a memorable part of the franchise’s early NBA days.

The Nets joined the NBA in 1976 after their ABA league merged in. But the move was tough money-wise, the NBA fees hurt, and they had to pay the Knicks to enter their territory.

The pain got worse when they dealt their star Julius “Dr. J” Erving to save cash. So they struggled at first, even having the worst 1976-77 record. A rare bright spot was when they made history starting five lefties!

After some years playing at Rutgers University, the Nets finally got their own home in 1981 at the Meadowlands arena. Behind players like Bernard King, their performance gradually improved over late 70s/early 80s. But it took time to recover from the messy NBA/ABA merger.

Still, those Medalist Sand-Knit jerseys shine as symbols of the Nets fighting through changes.

1981-1983 New Jersey Nets Jersey

1981-83 New Jersey Nets Jersey

The New Jersey Nets wore classic jerseys from Medalist Sand-Knit during the 1981-1983 seasons. Stars like Otis Birdsong sported those threads for two years.

In terms of jersey design, the Nets made a significant update in 1981. They opted for an all-blue jersey with blue numbers and red cursive letters with a white outline. This design was a departure from their previous jersey style and only lasted for two years before the team reverted to their previous design.

The early 80s were transitional times for the franchise. After some money troubles and losing Dr. J back in the 70s ABA days, the team struggled to find its groove in the NBA. They were rebuilding and still getting used to the league after switching over from the ABA.

So while it wasn’t the best period on the court, those two seasons marked an important era for the Nets. The Medalist Sand-Knit jerseys are a cool glimpse into the team’s journey during those changing years. They may have been rebuilding, but at least they looked good!

1983-1990 New Jersey Nets Jersey

1983-90 New Jersey Nets Jersey

The New Jersey Nets wore their iconic Rawlings home jerseys for a good stretch, seven seasons from 1983 to 1990. Stars like Anthony Mason and Otis Birdsong rocked the classic threads that looked similar to the 70s versions.

The 83-84 season was a big one for the franchise. In their 8th NBA season, they finally won their first-ever playoff series – a major milestone. But after that high point, more lows were ahead.

By 89-90, things unraveled with a rough 17-65 record. Under coach Bill Fitch, they totally struggled and missed the playoffs completely.

So those Rawlings jerseys saw both the peaks and valleys for the Nets in the mid-to-late 80s. From that first playoff taste in ’84 to the brutal rebuild by ’90, they represented an up-and-down but important era. The players and their jersey style are a reminder of the franchise evolving in those years.

1990-1997 New Jersey Nets Jersey

1990-97 New Jersey Nets Jersey
1990-91 New Jersey Nets Away Jersey

The early 90s into mid 90s (1990-1997) were eventful years for the New Jersey Nets. Their home jerseys were made by Champion and had a pretty sweet classic look. Stars like Bernard King and a young Derrick Coleman wore those digs.

The Nets also unveiled a refreshed jersey design in 1990. They switched to an all-blue base with bold red and white accents. The futuristic, boxy letters and numbers looked stylish in that early 90s way.

The 90-91 season they struggled to a 26-56 record and missed the playoffs after finishing 5th. But there was a bright spot. Rookie Derrick Coleman killed it, winning NBA Rookie of the Year and making the All-Rookie Team.

The Champion-made jerseys from 1990-1997 saw rebuilding years for the Nets mix with some glimpses of hope like Coleman’s monster rookie year.

1997-2002 New Jersey Nets Jersey

1997-02 New Jersey Nets Jersey Home & Away
1997-02 New Jersey Nets Jersey Alternate

The New Jersey Nets had pretty sweet jerseys made by Champion that they wore from 1997-2002.

With its old school design, white, dark blue, and grey. It also stood out because of the players wearing it. With Kidd leading the way, the Nets went on their first-ever trip to the NBA Finals during that stretch.

That Champion jersey represents a major turning point for the Nets. The late 90s/early 2000s style matched the team coming into its own. After years of struggles, they finally became contenders. And the jersey remains a symbol of the Nets breaking through thanks to players like Kidd donning those classic threads. It marked the first Glory Days for the soon-to-be Brooklyn squad!

2002-2006 New Jersey Nets Jersey

2002-06 New Jersey Nets Jersey
From 2002-2006, the New Jersey Nets had a pretty slick home jersey made by Reebok. They wore that uniform for four seasons as big stars like Vince Carter, Alonzo Mourning, and Jason Kidd led the squad.Having Reebok take over the jersey design kickstarted a fresh new look for some important years. The Nets kept making playoff runs and winning thanks to their Hall of Fame talent like Carter and Kidd rocking those uniforms.Even though it was only the jersey for a few years in the early 2000s, it represented a strong stretch.
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2006-2012 New Jersey Nets Jersey

2006-12 New Jersey Nets Jersey

The New Jersey Nets had all kinds of jersey looks when Adidas took over as the uniform supplier from 2006-2012. They rocked home, away, and alternate jerseys that each brought something unique, home white, away dark blue, and alternate red.

The Adidas jerseys marked a fresh new era that coincided with some big player moments. So they may not have wowed, but were still an important part of the New Jersey chapter before the move to Brooklyn.

2012-2017 Brooklyn Nets Jersey

2012-17 Brooklyn Nets Jersey
2016-17 Brooklyn Nets Alternate Jersey

The Nets sported some slick new looks from 2012-2017 after becoming the Brooklyn Nets. Adidas supplied their home, away, and even pride jerseys that were worn by stars like Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Brook Lopez.

The home whites they rocked for five seasons had a sweet modern vibe. Fitting for Brooklyn! The away jerseys that still shone on the road. Same classic players were rep’ing.

And the pride jerseys mixed things up. Not very popular, but unique for sure!

Either way, the Adidas jerseys helped kick off the Nets reloaded era in Brooklyn. Brand new team, brand new digs! Led by vets like KG and Pierce, they built buzz right away repping those uniforms.

2017-2018 Brooklyn Nets Jersey

2017-18 Brooklyn Nets Jersey

When Nike took over as the uniform supplier in 2017-18, the Brooklyn Nets jerseys stayed pretty consistent, just some subtle tweaks. They rolled out their Association (white), Icon (black), Statement, and City editions.

The Association and Icon kept a classic, familiar vibe that was like the old Adidas homes and aways – not trying to fix what wasn’t broken! D’Angelo Russell and co. wore them well.

The Statement jerseys were bold alternate looks that stood out on players like Caris LeVert. They brought something unique to match the Nets’ spirit. And the City edition was about repping Brooklyn’s culture specifically.

Nike did add a sponsor patch with the Infor red logo, which they later changed to match the black-and-white color scheme. Little changes like that and piping updated the look without losing what made the jerseys iconic.

2018-2019 Brooklyn Nets Jersey

2018-19 Brooklyn Nets Jersey

The Brooklyn Nets rolled out some sweet jersey options with Nike in the 2018-2019 season. The Icon and Association kept it simple as the traditional home and away. Less flashy but still consistent with the Nets’ image thanks to Nike.

The City edition was a fan favorite for the way it repped Brooklyn’s culture. Stars like D’Angelo Russell and young Jarrett Allen wore those as a love letter to BK.

The 2018-2019 Nets jerseys let the team celebrate the city while making their own bold statements on the court as rising contenders.

2019-2020 Brooklyn Nets Jersey

2019-20 Brooklyn Nets Jersey

The Brooklyn Nets had some sweet jersey designs in the 2019-2020 season with the Statement, City, Association, and Icon editions. Each told its own story.

The Statement jersey by Brooklyn artist Eric Haze stood out though. The unique concrete gray colorway featured hand-drawn letters literally spelling out “BKLYN” across the chest to rep the borough. Haze’s signature stars running down the side added a cool contemporary vibe to a classic look.

The Nets’ on-court performance that year faced challenges but showed resilience. They finished 35-37, 7th in the East.

The 2019-2020 Nets jerseys made their mark celebrating BK through designs by Haze. Collaborating with homegrown talent highlighted the organic connection between the team and its community during a transitional year. The City Edition told that story.

2020-2021 Brooklyn Nets Jersey

2020-21 Brooklyn Nets Jersey
2020-21 Brooklyn Nets Jerseys
The 2020-2021 season was a big one for the Brooklyn Nets – both on and off the court. Guided by new head coach Steve Nash and star power like Harden, Irving, and Durant, they finished 48-24, second in their division and conference.The Nets also debuted some sweet new jerseys that year like the Classic and City Editions. The Classics paid homage to the 90s tie-dye uniforms from the New Jersey days and players like Drazen Petrovic and Derrick Coleman. It celebrated their roots.Meanwhile, the City Edition designed by Basquiat honored Brooklyn’s vibrant culture and the team’s deep local ties.Between the throwbacks remembering the NJ years and the artistic BK-repping City kits, the 20-21 Nets jerseys highlighted the program’s rich history and promising future. Nash and the new superteam delivered on the court, while the fresh threads connected past to present.
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2021-2022 Brooklyn Nets Jersey

2021-22 Brooklyn Nets Jersey

The Brooklyn Nets unveiled a sweet City Edition jersey for the 2021-2022 season to celebrate the NBA’s 75th anniversary. This uniform blended iconic elements from the franchise’s journey with a vision of its future.

It featured an argyle side panel that shouted out back-to-back playoff runs in the early 2000s New Jersey days. Throwback logo details connected to the team’s ABA roots and classic red, white and blue color scheme.

But the navy body looked ahead to the squad’s current era establishing itself in Brooklyn – while blank space symbolized this group is still evolving and hungry to make its mark.

The City Edition jersey encompassed the Nets rich legacy of resilience and nonstop reinvention, from the NY to NJ years back around to BK. It embodied an innovative franchise progressing while honors its complex history across multiple homes. Pretty slick!

2022-2023 Brooklyn Nets Jersey

2022-23 Brooklyn Nets Jersey
2022-23 Brooklyn Nets Jerseys

The Brooklyn Nets had sweet new uniforms from various collections for 2022-2023 that honored their rich history while representing the current squad.

The Graffiti-style City Edition paid tribute to iconic Brooklyn artist Jean-Michel Basquiat with its black and white color flip and crown and artwork detailing. It followed past City kits shouting out hometown heroes like Biggie.

The Statement Edition made a bold first impression with its black lettering and jersey cuts. It featured black lettering with a white outline, silver trim, and a herringbone side panel, marking the first Nets jersey to feature a white Jordan logo. It embodied that distinct Brooklyn swagger when players like KD rocked it.

The Classic Edition revived the classic ABA-era Stars and Stripes look with modern updates by Nike. It celebrated the OG Dr. J days putting a retro spin on the current unis.

And the Icon Edition kept it simple with the timeless black and white palette the Nets brand was built on.

Each 2022-2023 jersey collection told part of the franchise story – from Champion Dr. J to current superstars, to representing local BK legends.

2023-2024 Brooklyn Nets Jersey

2023-24 Brooklyn Nets Jersey

The Brooklyn Nets have some awesome new City Edition uniforms coming for the 2023-2024 NBA season made with famous KAWS. His signature style all over the jerseys and shorts mixes the Nets’ classic look with KAWS’ bold graffiti paintings and sculptures.

The designs blend the Nets’ core black, white, and grey colors with KAWS’ abstract artworks in bright colors he’s known for. His cool XX logo even makes an appearance on the waistbands!

So these special uniforms combine iconic elements of both the Nets brand and KAWS’ aesthetic for a one-of-a-kind collaboration. Part sports merch, part streetwear, part high art – bringing a customized Brooklyn feel to the court on the Nets’ jerseys for a truly unique City Edition.

Special Edition Jerseys

New Jersey Nets Throw Back Jersey

2003-04 & 2005-06

New Jersey Nets Throw Back Jersey 2003-04 2005-06


New Jersey Nets Throw Back Jersey 2011-12

Brooklyn Nets Christmas Jersey


Brooklyn Nets Christmas Jersey 2012-13


Brooklyn Nets Christmas Jersey 2013-14

Brooklyn Nets Stars and Stripes Jersey


Brooklyn Nets Stars and Stripes Jersey 2015-17

From 2015-2017, the Brooklyn Nets had a sweet alternate jersey from Adidas that rocked the classic “Stars and Stripes” look. It honored the iconic style of the franchise’s ABA days in the 1970s with Dr. J.

Current players like Brook Lopez and young Caris LeVert donned the throwback uniform that merged the team’s roots with a modern vibe.

Over those two seasons, the short-sleeve, v-neck Stars and Stripes jersey design represented heritage meets the current era. The crisp monochrome colorway with star-spangled flair celebrated rich Nets history while looking ahead at the same time. Even if only an alternate look, it made a statement!

Brooklyn Nets Latin Nights Jersey


Brooklyn Nets Latin Nights Jersey 2015-17

From 2015-2017, the Brooklyn Nets had a special Latin Nights jersey made by Adidas to celebrate Latin culture and heritage. It was worn for select games over those two seasons.

While only an alternate look for a few matchups each year, the short-lived Latin Nights kit allowed the Nets to spotlight Latin pride as part of the league’s cultural outreach during that stretch.

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