The Ultimate Guide to Atlanta Hawks Jersey History

by | Jan 25, 2024 | NBA Jerseys

Want to know more about Atlanta Hawks jersey history?

This guide takes you on a journey through the decades, unveiling the evolution of the Hawks’ jerseys from the team’s early days to now. Discover how changes in design, color, and branding reflect not just the team’s history, but also the cultural and stylistic shifts in basketball and beyond.

From the classic red and white of the early years to the bold and innovative designs of today, this guide celebrates the unique identity of the Hawks as expressed through their iconic jerseys.

Whether you’re just getting into basketball or have cheered for the Hawks for decades, this guide breaks down the team’s legendary threads.

It’s more than a uniform, it’s a chance to dive into the rich story behind one of the NBA’s most unique basketball teams. Join us on this casual fan’s journey through Hawks history, one fire ‘fit at a time!

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The Early Years of the Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks have been around for a while! Way back in 1946, they started out as the Buffalo Bisons, a member of the National Basketball League (NBL). But they were only in Buffalo for like a month before moving to Illinois and becoming the Tri-Cities Blackhawks.

In 1949, the NBL merged with the Basketball Association of America (BAA), leading to the formation of the NBA, the Blackhawks were one of the teams included. They even had famous coach Red Auerbach leading them for a bit! Over the next decade or so, the team moved around a bunch-first to Milwaukee, then later to St. Louis. It was in St. Louis in the late 50s when they finally found some real success, even winning the NBA championship in 1958.

In 1968, after over 20 years of bouncing around, the team finally settled down in Atlanta when some new owners bought them. That’s how the Atlanta Hawks hatched! They’ve had their ups and downs over the years, but have built plenty of history since putting down roots in Georgia.

1946-51: Tri-Cities Blackhawks

Tri-Cities Blackhawks Jersey

1951-55: Milwaukee Hawks

Milwaukee Hawks Jersey

1955-68: St. Louis Hawks

st louis hawks Jersey

Atlanta Hawks Jersey History

1968-70 Hawks Jersey

1968-1970 Atlanta Hawks Jersey Baby Blue
When the Hawks flew north to Atlanta in 1968, they debuted some snazzy new threads to go with their new home. For two seasons, the Hawks rocked baby blue uniforms that gave a nod to the past while looking towards the future.These uniforms were straight fire – light blue shirts with the words “Atlanta Hawks” blazing across the front in crisp white letters, player numbers popping on both the front and back. The Hawks logo spread its wings proudly on the shorts too. It was a cool, chill look.Hall of Famers Lenny Wilkens and Lou Hudson repped these baby blues on the court during their early Atlanta years. The uniforms may have been slammin’, but the team itself still needed some work, missing the playoffs both seasons.Even if the Hawks struggled at first though, those baby blue jerseys helped welcome the franchise to Hotlanta and gave local fans something to get hyped about.The blue jerseys only flew for two seasons before the classic red and white took over. But that baby blue era still holds a special place in Atlanta basketball history.

1970-72 Hawks Jersey

1970-1972 Atlanta Hawks Jersey Green and white

In 1970, the Atlanta Hawks ditched their baby blue jerseys and got a bold green glow-up. These forest green jerseys with white and blue trim were a daring new look that showed the young franchise meant business.

Star players like “Pistol” Pete Maravich looked smooth in the green during their rise to stardom. With young guns Maravich, Walt Bellamy, and Johnny Mathis bringing the firepower, the Hawks started finding their wings on the court too.

Over 1970-71, Atlanta clawed their way to the franchise’s first playoff berth since moving from St. Louis. They fell to the New York Knicks in the Eastern Conference semifinals, but served notice a new Bird of Prey was rising. Though the green jerseys only flew for two seasons before the classic red and white returned, they left a legacy.

1972-75 Hawks Jersey

<p>In 1970, the Atlanta Hawks ditched their baby blue jerseys and got a bold green glow-up. These forest green jerseys with white and blue trim were a daring new look that showed the young franchise meant business.</p>
<p>Star players like "Pistol" Pete Maravich looked smooth in the green during their rise to stardom. With young guns Maravich, Walt Bellamy, and Johnny Mathis bringing the firepower, the Hawks started finding their wings on the court too.</p>
<p>Over 1970-71, Atlanta clawed their way to the franchise's first playoff berth since moving from St. Louis. They fell to the New York Knicks in the Eastern Conference semifinals, but served notice a new Bird of Prey was rising. Though the green jerseys only flew for two seasons before the classic red and white returned, they left a legacy.</p>
1972-1975 Atlanta Hawks Jersey

Between 1972-1975, the Atlanta Hawks went through big changes – both with their players and their jersey style. The team swapped out their baby blue threads for a totally new red, white, and yellow look made by Rawlings that really stood out.

Hawks superstars like “Pistol” Pete Maravich, John Drew, and Lou Hudson repped these striking uniforms during a transitional time for the franchise. While the Hawks were still building chemistry on the court, the eye-catching new colors boldly symbolized a fresh start.

The red and white uniforms with flashy yellow accents were just what the Hawks needed to catch fans’ attention and update their image. Ditching the calmer blues for in-your-face, vibrant colors set a daring new tone for the young franchise.

These radical Rawlings jerseys laid the groundwork for Atlanta to keep innovating their style in the years ahead.

1975-77 Hawks Jersey

1975-1977 Atlanta Hawks Jersey

The Atlanta Hawks’ jerseys were looking pretty fly from 1975-1977. These sweet uniforms made by Rawlings featured players like Connie Hawkins, John Drew, and Lou Hudson.

The Hawks were trying to find their wings during this time though. Even with Coach Hubie Brown leading them, the team struggled in 1976-77, missing the playoffs with a 31-51 record.

So while the Hawks’ threads were turning heads, the team itself needed to rebuild and focus on improving. Still, the unique colors and designs of those 1970s jerseys remain a dope part of the franchise’s history.

1977-78 Hawks Jersey

1977-1978 Atlanta Hawks Jersey

The Atlanta Hawks’ 1977-1978 season saw sweet jerseys meet some on-court growing pains. The team’s slick threads, made by Rawlings, earned high ratings for their trendy style.

But despite looking good in their uniforms, Coach Hubie Brown’s squad struggled to find consistency. They finished 41-41 – not great, not bad. Standouts like John Drew, Steve Hawes, and Tree Rollins had shining moments, but the Hawks still bowed out early in the playoffs.

1978-82 Hawks Jersey

1978-1982 Atlanta Hawks Jersey
The Atlanta Hawks kept it simple but classic with their jerseys from 1978 to 1982. Made by Rawlings, these straightforward uniforms were worn by players like John Drew for four seasons. The team’s performance on the court during this period was up and down. They did catch fire at times in the playoffs, like in 1979 when they swept the first round against Houston before narrowly losing in the Semifinals. So while they didn’t set trends with their jersey style, the late 70s Hawks battled in some competitive games repping their no-frills threads. Their uniforms might not have turned heads, but they do mark another chapter in the franchise’s long jersey history.
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1982-92 Hawks Jersey

1982-1992 Atlanta Hawks Jersey

From 1982-1992, the Atlanta Hawks looked seriously cool in their “Pac-Man” jerseys. These iconic red home uniforms made by Champion featured bold white “HAWKS” lettering with white trim that resembled the Pac-Man video game character.

The jersey numbers also popped on both the front and back. Stars like Dominique “The Human Highlight Film” Wilkins, Kevin Willis, and Moses Malone rocked these hot threads for a whole decade.

The “Pac-Man” jersey with its red and yellow vibe perfectly captured the high-flying, high-scoring style of ‘Nique and the 80s Hawks. Ditching these designs in ’92 marked the end of a classic era for the franchise.

Later looks introduced black shades, but those original Champion “Pac-Man” kits are still fan-favorites. They bring back memories of Atlanta’s basketball Birds of Prey soaring to superstardom behind high-wire legends like Dominique Wilkins!

1992-95 Hawks Jersey

1992-1995 Atlanta Hawks Jersey

The Atlanta Hawks’ threads from 1992-1995 saw some legends rock classic looks. These jerseys made by Champion were worn by stars like Dominique Wilkins during his last Hawks years before being traded in ’94.

The home whites kept a simple, old-school style, while the away jerseys mirrored the same vibe. The 1993-94 season was major for the Hawks as they charged for the Conference Semifinals fueled by ‘Nique’s scoring.

These jerseys carry major history after being worn by Atlanta greats during big playoff runs. As the team transitioned from the high-flying 80s to the gritty 90s era, their Champion jerseys marked changing times while keeping ties to the past.

1995-99 Hawks Jersey

1995-1999 Atlanta Hawks Jersey

The Atlanta Hawks got a major style upgrade in 1995 with new home and away jerseys made by Champion. These kits introduced a fierce new logo of a hawk clutching a basketball and stood out with unique new color combos.

Gone were the classic red and yellow threads. Now the home whites featured badass black and brown trim along with the hawk logo making its debut. The fresh away jerseys also carried the modern new design.

Hawks big man Dikembe Mutombo rocked these groundbreaking jerseys while Atlanta kept fighting hard on the court. The jersey overhaul of 1995 marked a totally new era as the franchise ditched their old-school looks for something more extreme and contemporary.

1999-02 Hawks Jersey

1999-2002 Atlanta Hawks Jersey

The Atlanta Hawks’ jerseys from 1999-2002 mixed classic and modern vibes. These Champion-made uniforms were worn for three seasons as the franchise bridged the old school and new millennium.

Stars like Dikembe “Mt. Mutombo” continued to rock the home whites decorated in the Hawks’ traditional colors. But the away jerseys showed the team updating their style for 2000s fashion with fresh design elements.

The early 2000s Hawks stood out by blending the old and the new. Their jerseys sported classic looks and colors Hawks fans knew, but with modern tweaks showing the franchise’s willingness to evolve.

These kits don’t usually make the franchise’s list of most iconic jerseys. But their combo of throwback style and innovative details uniquely capture the Y2K NBA era.

2002-04 Hawks Jersey

2002-2004 Atlanta Hawks Jersey

In the early 2000s, the Atlanta Hawks got some new wings courtesy of fresh Reebok-made threads. The home whites and away jerseys introduced between 2002-2004 captured a team in transition.

Stars like Jason Terry repped these kits for several seasons. The home jerseys especially flew for a long stint from 2002-2007.

These early Reebok uniforms marked a pivotal point as the franchise tried spreading its wings in a new era. With different players cycling through and new management reshaping their identity, the Hawks were rebuilding their nest.

The 2002-2004 jerseys signify a team caught between two generations, bridging the old guard in the 90s to the new wave of talent to come. The kits blended classic and contemporary, much like the Hawks during this transitional rebuilding period.

2004-07 Hawks Jersey

2004-2007 Atlanta Hawks Jersey

In the mid-2000s, the Atlanta Hawks took flight in some eye-catching new Reebok feathers. Between 2004-2007, the team rocked slick home whites, road uniforms, and even a unique alternate jersey.

Stars like Joe Johnson and Tyronn Lue repped these threads as the franchise tried to stabilize during a transitional rebuild. The diverse uniform selection symbolized an identity in flux.

As new players kept shuffling through Atlanta, the Hawks struggled to establish consistency on the court. But their array of fashionable Reebok kits allowed them to showcase different stylish looks as they kept searching for the right lineup combination.

So while the team itself was going through growing pains, their creative mid-2000s jerseys let the Hawks display a versatile vibe and visually stand out as they entered the next era.

2007-10 Hawks Jersey

2007-2010 Atlanta Hawks Jersey

The Atlanta Hawks got a fresh feather upgrade in 2007 courtesy of new Adidas threads. The simple but eye-catching home whites, road uniforms, and alternate jerseys introduced from 2007-2010 aligned with a pivotal evolution for the franchise.

Future All-Star Al Horford was among the players sporting these kits as the Hawks took flight under coach Mike Woodson. Led by Joe Johnson and Josh Smith, Atlanta clinched an impressive 37-45 record in 2007-08 to snap an 8-year playoff drought.

These Adidas jerseys symbolized the Hawks re-establishing their wings during a crucial period. As young talent started to stabilize the roster, the fashionable uniforms complemented Atlanta’s return to relevance.

So while the straightforward jersey design kept the focus on the resurgent team itself, the modern Adidas style marked a turning point. After years in flux, the Hawks were back soaring high while decked out in some sleek, refined new feathers.

2010-15 Hawks Jersey

2010-2015 Atlanta Hawks Jersey

The Atlanta Hawks suited up in some slick Adidas style between 2010-2015. The home, away, and alternate jerseys they rocked were displayed by stars like Al Horford as the team flew to new heights.

Veterans like Elton Brand and Tracy McGrady passed the torch to young guns like Dennis Schroder in these dynamic threads. The diverse uniform selection aligned with an identity in the process of transformation.

The 2014-2015 season especially took the Hawks franchise to a whole new flight path. Atlanta dominated their division with an incredible 60-22 record that still stands as their greatest NBA campaign.

So these jerseys carry major significance in the team’s history. They represent pivotal years where Atlanta redefined expectations by blending talented youth with tested veterans …all while looking good making Hawks history in fresh feathered Adidas fashion.

2015-17 Hawks Jersey

2015-2017 hawks jerseys
The Atlanta Hawks got some wild new jerseys between 2015-2017 thanks to this designer dude named Rembert Browne. He worked with Adidas to create out-there home, away, and alternate uniforms that featured weird shapes and even some neon green colors.Browne jokes about being the team’s “CFO and designer” who decided to add pyramids instead of basic triangles to the jerseys. He also put this funky wrench-shaped “ATL” logo on them too.Browne knew his crazy design would get mixed reactions from fans. But he wanted to shake things up and give the players something bold and different to inspire them on the court.Stars like Dwight Howard and Dennis Schroder rocked these abstract Adidas kits for two seasons. The alternate jerseys especially stood out as unique. It was definitely an experimental era style-wise for Atlanta as they continued evolving their identity with another eye-catching uniform phase.
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2017-18 Hawks Jersey

2017-2018 hawks jerseys

The 2017-2018 season was a year of big changes for the Atlanta Hawks’ style and roster. That year the NBA teamed up with Nike to shake up the old home and away uniform system. Now teams have 4 different jersey “editions” to pick from for games.

The Hawks’ colors were white, gray, and red – designed to be mixed and matched into different combos. This built on their versatile 2015 redesign that gave them flexibility with their jerseys.

On the court though, the Hawks struggled without their former All-Star Paul Millsap, winning just 24 games. So while their Nike threads were innovative, the team itself needed rebuilding.

The 2017-2018 season marked the end of an era for Atlanta. Their new creative Nike jerseys couldn’t make up for losing top players as the Hawks transitioned into a total rebuild. Still, the uniform shake-up did give fans something exciting to follow during a tough year.

2018-19 Hawks Jersey

2018-2019 hawks jerseys

For the Hawks’ 70th anniversary 2018-2019 season, they dropped some sweet new jerseys to celebrate the team’s history and city. Nike hooked them up with City, Classic, Association, Icon, and Statement edition uniforms – each with their own style.

The City Edition was probably the sickest, repping ATL with a cool design. And the Classic Edition honored the franchise’s heritage with that old-school vibe from back in the day.

On the court, the Hawks were rebuilding, only winning 29 games. But their fresh throwback and city-inspired jerseys showed they were focused on the future while still respecting the past.

So even if the team struggled record-wise, their threads let young Hawks feel connected to all the ATL legends who came before them.

2019-20 Hawks Jersey

2019-2020 hawks jerseys

The Hawks’ threads were looking extra fly in 2019-2020 thanks to their sweet new “City Edition” jerseys made with Nike. These black uniforms with peach details paid respect to Atlanta’s famous Peachtree Street.

The team only won 20 games, but there were still some major highlights. Veteran Vince Carter’s last season was celebrated as he retired after 22 years in the NBA. And young stars like Trae Young and the Hawks’ 2019 draft picks continued improving as the franchise focused on its future.

So while the City Edition jerseys that repped ATL were definitely the style stars of the season, the Hawks also stayed busy building their nest for the next generation. Between saying goodbye to a legend in Vince Carter and developing their young talent, the 2019-2020 season laid the foundation for better days ahead.

2020-21 Hawks Jersey

2020-2021 hawks jerseys

The Hawks came flying into the 2020-2021 season with hot new uniforms and a team on the rise. They ditched the green colors and busy designs for sleek white “Association” and red “Icon” jerseys with a retro look.

The clean home whites popped with “Atlanta” in bold red and yellow letters. And the red road jersey honored the franchise’s torch red and yellow legacy.

But the black City Edition jersey celebrating Atlanta’s civil rights history and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. really made a statement. The timing was perfect too, as the Hawks soared to a 41-31 record and their first division title in years wearing these tribute jerseys.

2021-22 Hawks Jersey

2021-2022 hawks jerseys

The Atlanta Hawks had some sweet new jerseys this past season to celebrate the NBA’s 75th anniversary. The yellow City Edition uniforms were a blast from the past, combining elements from different eras of Hawks history.

The small number on the left was old-school from 1968 when the team first moved from St. Louis. The Atlanta across the front was the same font as Pistol Pete wore in the 70s. The player numbers on the back matched the classic 80s red and yellow jerseys. And the Hawk logo was from the 90s sets.

They even had a matching court for their City Edition games. It was a cool way to mix retro vibes with the Hawks’ modern look.

As for their season, the Hawks did alright with 43 wins and 39 losses. They placed second in their division and ninth overall in the Eastern Conference. Their home record of 27-14 was stronger than how they did on the road.

So with the fresh threads and decent season, the Hawks found a good balance between honoring their history and repping their current squad. It was a nice way to highlight the past while staying focused on today.

2022-23 Hawks Jersey

2022-2023 hawks jerseys

The Atlanta Hawks cooked up some sweet new City Edition jerseys for this 2022-23 season. The black uniforms have peach trim that shouts out Georgia’s nickname as “The Peach State.”

The numbers fade from bright Electro Peach to muted Sunset Haze, meant to capture Atlanta’s high energy. The word Atlanta jumps out in a funky athletic script across the front, just like the city’s arts and culture scene.

They also threw a peach/basketball logo onto the belt buckle as another nod to Georgia. It goes with the Hawks’ motto “True To Atlanta” since they rep the city’s roots.

Fans will get to see these jerseys a bunch this season for some home games. The designs really embrace Atlanta’s local flavor and culture. It’s a cool way for the Hawks to celebrate where they come from while balling out on the court.

2023-24 Hawks Jersey

2023-2024 hawks jerseys

The Atlanta Hawks are keeping their jersey game strong for the 2023-2024 season. Their new City Edition uniforms rock a cool combo of cream and light blue. Down at the bottom above the tag, they’ve got the phrase “lift as we fly.”

The Hawks actually trademarked that one, so it must be special. We’ll have to wait and see the full story behind these jerseys when they do the official launch.

The Icon ones from Nike that players like Trae Young wear are getting hype. Same goes for the Statement uniforms by Air Jordan with their unique style.

The Hawks have always made jerseys that bring together their history, Atlanta’s culture, and Georgia’s roots. That’s a big part of their brand. So these new sets should be pretty sweet when fans finally get to see them on the court. However, they look, the Hawks will rep their city proudly while striving high all season long!

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